Run for Sequoia Healthcare District!

Incumbent politicians have left San Mateo County, like many other other counties, with obsolete special districts still collecting a piece of the 1% General Property Tax. This tax is hidden from taxpayers. Sequoia Healthcare District is a glaring example of a district which, having sold its hospital, still collects taxes. The incumbent majority has been doling out your tax dollars to their favorite charities, which helps them get re-elected. Many of these charities serve clients who live predominantly outside district boundaries.

We need to find two friends of Liberty to join our own Jack Hickey by running for zones A and E of the district. If we can capture those seats, the control of the board which that brings would allow us to follow through on the 2001/2002 Grand Jury recommendation. That was, to seek voter approval for the District’s assumed philanthropic role or dissolve the District. Dissolution of the District would result in the pro-rated distribution of assets and tax revenue to the other agencies sharing the District’s Tax Rate Area. Prior to dissolution, the board could forego collection of their share of taxes on a year by year basis. If you are interested in helping us find two viable candidates, contact Jack Hickey at 650-368-5722 or e-mail…/…/2001reports.php…

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