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Subscribe to the official Libertarian Party of San Mateo County Announcements mailing list! This list is used for important annoucements, meeting notifications, special event times and the like. We post maybe 2-4 messages per month. This is an outgoing list only—you will not be able to send anything to this list. If you have an announcement you'd like to have sent through this list, please contact the list moderator or post to LPSM-Discuss instead (see below).



Join the LPSM Discussion mailing list! This is a discussion list for Libertarians in San Mateo County, intended for postings and dialog of special interest to the LPSM community. Please limit postings to one per topic per day, to give others a chance to read, reflect, and post before the thread moves on. Also: avoid cross-posting, and minimize re-posting from other mailing lists.



This is the LPSM Executive Committee mailing list. This list is used to discuss business between our monthly meetings. Subscriptions require approval of the Executive Committee. Please remember that this list is strictly for local party business operations. The LPSM Discussion list (lpsm-discuss) above is for more general banter.



Join the BA-Liberty mailing list. This list is for announcements of interest to libertarians and fellow travellers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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