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Membership in the Libertarian Party of California (LPC) includes membership in one county-level Libertarian Party organization, based on the mailing address you supply on your membership application (in our case the Libertarian Party of San Mateo County, aka LPSM). Alternatively, members may affiliate with a different county party organization, if they choose.

Using the NEON payment system, please Join the Libertarian Party of California, or Renew your membership, with a credit card.

Or pay by check, using a downloadable membership form.

State+County dues are $25 per calendar year, but additional donations really help keep the lights on at the LPC HQ.

Call the LPC office at (916) 446-1776 ext. 6 to join by phone, or if you have any questions about membership. Please tell them you want a portion of your donation to support the LPSM. Thanks!

The Libertarian Party National Committee (LNC) is a distinct organization that operates at the federal level. Their dues are essentially $25/yr, which includes a monthly newsletter.

This 2.5 tier party structure is more complex than many people might assume, but is actually much simpler than that of the major parties.

Nationwide, all Libertarian Party organizations combined probably have a grand total of fewer than 15 full-time and part-time paid employees. Apart from outside contractors (auditors, printers, mailing houses, telemarketers), the LP is almost entirely governed and operated by volunteers. We depend on your time and donations—not influence-peddling—for our support. Thank you for your help!

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