Executive Commitee

Contact (email preferred)

Libertarian Party of San Mateo County 
PO Box 745 
Belmont CA 94002

Officers (elected 1/23/2018)


Harland Harrison [email protected] 
(650) 591-5270

Vice Chair

Tom Lippman [email protected]


Andrea Campton [email protected]


Doug Radtke [email protected]

Database Chair

Jon Freeman [email protected]

Public Relations Chair / Newsletter Chair

Oleg Kibirev [email protected] 
(650) 245-7635

Activities Chair, Fundraising Chair, Membership Chair


Executive Committee Alternates

Jack Hickey [email protected]

Judicial Committee

Doug Radtke [email protected] 
Roberto Marques [email protected]




Oleg Kibirev [email protected] 
X. Schmidt [email protected]

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  • Alex Kent
    As you know, I’ve hosted fundraisers and Christmas parties at my house in San Carlos, and get-togethers at Town and The Bay Club for many years. I’ve rallied famous speakers like Maria Rutenberg, Peter Kuo, Jonathan Madison, and Mark Meuser. Most Republicans that I know are Liberty Caucus Republicans ala Ron and Rand Paul. The Chair of the Republican Party in SF is the Exec VP of the national Liberty Caucus. I’ve even been invited many years ago to serve as the Chair of the Libertarian Party of San Mateo County…but turned it down. I see several of my friends on your board. Perhaps we should combine forces. What should we do next?
  • Oleg Kibirev