Harland Harrison Candidate statement

I want to abolish Sequoia Healthcare District, the very office I seek.

Sequoia Healthcare District started as a hospital district. Then Directors sold the hospital, years ago, but went right on collecting the taxes for it!

How can this go on so long? Easy! The directors give some of the money to public service organizations; millions of dollars buys popularity.

Until now, the Directors were elected in at-large, staggered, elections. Recently, the District was sued for this crazy system. So, instead of giving up their seats, Directors divided the District into zones and continued their staggered elections. They just drew boundaries around their own homes, creating zones for themselves. That's right; the politicians are choosing their voters, not the other way around.

So who gets to vote, now? Areas like Portola Valley, Belmont, and San Carlos. Who cannot vote now and gets no representative at all before 2020? The minorities in Redwood City of course.

Stop this nonsense now. Sequoia Healthcare District is no longer necessary.

A Belmont resident for 35 years, I have been working to abolish Sequoia Healthcare District for 16 years. If elected:

I will vote to stop collecting the taxes.

I will vote to stop paying groups for support.

I will vote to abolish Sequoia Healthcare District.




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